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Tills and Rolls

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Chip and PIN Cleaning Kits

Did you know that 80% of failed Chip and PIN transactions are due to dirt and contamination.

Despite initial belief that Chip and PIN readers would be less susceptible to contamination issues, the opposite has proven to be the case, and even more regular cleaning is required to keep the equipment working.

It is vitally important to keep your machines and terminals clean and working efficiently at all times to ensure smooth transactions at all times.

Tills and Rolls offer a PDQ/Chip and PIN cleaning kit which includes:

2 x IPA Terminal Cleaning Wipes

2 x Smartcard Reader Cleaning Cards

1 x Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen

These kits are tested and approved provide you with everything you require to clean your terminal and keep it working efficiently.

Introduction Offer of just £5.00 + VAT

Dont forget we supply PDQ Rolls to fit all machines at very competative prices

Please call Tills and Rolls on

0333 5778901

(Local Call Rate inc. Mobiles)